Transcription Services

The Data Cafe offers a wide variety of transcription services for the medical, academic and business fields.

Transcription Services for:

• Focus Groups

• Interviews

• Video Conferences

• Webinars

• Instructional Videos

• Lectures

• Speeches

• Videos

• Meetings


The Data Café provides transcription services for many universities, academic institutions, independent research companies and students around the country. We work with different types of audio from CD’s, DVD’s and digital audio of all formats including mp3, mpg, wav, wma, avi, mov, and mpeg4. Audio files are uploaded to a secure file server, and all audio is transcribed within the United States with utmost confidentiality, accuracy and timeliness. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the transcription field. The Data Café’s process allows us the flexibility to tailor your transcripts according to your needs. The Data Café’s management will sign a non-disclosure agreement when needed. All transcripts are delivered as Microsoft Word documents.